KTorrent 4.0 is out

KTorrent 4.0 is finally released. This release add some rather interesting features like magnet support and the µTP protocol (bittorrent over UDP).

Next to these big ones many smaller ones were also added:

  • Authentication can now be disabled in the webinterface (use with care obviously)
  • A new plugin to generate magnet URI's from torrents was added
  • Events like hibernating and the network going down for some time, are now handled in a better way.
  • Individual torrents can now be paused (downloading and uploading is stopped, but connections are kept alive), this has resulted in the pausing of the queue to be renamed to suspend.
  • A disk getting full is now handled in a much better way
  • UDP tracker scraping was added
  • The usability of the queue manager widget has been improved by adding search functionality, indicating whether a torrent is a seed or a download, and making it possible to move multiple torrents at the same time.
  • You can now add multiple trackers at the same time
  • The bandwidth scheduler can now be disabled temporarily
  • The IP filter dialog now supports IP ranges.

For a more detailed list, take a look at the ChangeLogs of ktorrent and libktorrent.

I would like to thank everybody who contributed to this release.