KTorrent 3.1.6 is out

The last bugfix release in the 3.1 series is out, this includes bugfixes done in the last two months. The most notable fixes are :

  • A deadlock in the downloading code
  • A fix for group policy which didn't get applied when using drag and drop
  • Log rotating at startup showing progress information
  • UPnP port binding being exclusive, blocking any other program from using UPnP
  • Non optimum speed bug when the torrent has a small chunk size

The source code can be found here.

Update: Package has been updated, a small bugfix, which should have been included in the first package, was forgotten. The new package now contains this bugfix.

Update 2: It seems some people are having trouble compiling on KDE 4.2, this is now fixed, and the package has been updated.